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Who’s too young to buy a home?

From a very young age, real estate has always fascinated me. The character and diversity of homes and the allure of the hunt to find the perfect one has always been a welcome challenge. Just out of high school, I was barely 19 when I purchased my first home. My first real estate agent was Tami Thompson with RE/MAX out of Abilene, Texas. (Don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t have known where Abilene was either if I hadn’t been born there.) Tami was amazing. She went on the hunt with me, answered countless questions and mainly just made herself available whenever I needed her. However, I think the most important quality that Tami possessed was that she took me seriously. Rather than dismissing me for more important clients with deeper pockets, she bragged that I was her youngest client ever. Who sells houses to 19 year olds anyway? Well, Tami did, and with a smile to boot! She made my home purchase a smooth reality.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I know that age discrimination is not allowed. The moral of the story here is that agents should treat all of their clients with the same level of respect, period.

Fast forward twenty years and ironically, Nest Ahead out of Houston, Texas is now my broker. I went from a consumer/home buyer with a career in insurance to being a “Tami”, and I live and work in the Greater West Houston Area. As an agent, I hope to always model her endless energy, amazing spirit and integrity and make every experience with my own clients as fond of a memory as I have regarding my own first home purchase.

– Sherry McNabb