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Plentiful Swimming Pool Protection

Swimming Pool, PoolDid you know… that if you are looking to buy a home and a pool is a must have on your wish list, you need to check your liability limits on your homeowners insurance quotes? Most home policies come with about 100k in liability coverage. That may seem like a lot of money, but in the event that someone sues you over a pool incident, your coverage is very inadequate and leaves you susceptible to potential lawsuits, liens, judgments and financial crisis. Does this mean no pool? No way! Especially if you live in the Greater Houston area; let’s face it, it’s too hot out here not to have a pool! Swimming pool protection has to include sufficient liability coverage.

Many of us do not realize how inexpensive it is to increase your liability coverage. In fact, with some companies you can increase your liability limits to 1 million for less than $3.00 per month. If that isn’t enough you always have the option to purchase a blanket liability umbrella policy with even higher coverage limits.

So, let’s find your house with that pool so you can jump right in. Just don’t take a dive off the deep in without adequate liability coverage in place!