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New Home Purchase

With television shows like DIY and HGTV, many consumers believe they can handle purchasing a new construction home on their own. However, shows like that eliminate most of the intricate details. Did you know that as your agent, you wouldn’t pay me even a single dollar to represent you? The seller (builder in this case) would pay me, as the buyer’s agent, my commission. Also, did you know that in most cases, you would not get a reduced price on the home because you don’t have an agent? So why wouldn’t you want someone on your side advocating, negotiating on your behalf, and acting in your best interests? For you, our knowledge and skill set is essentially at no cost to you and definitely the logical choice. Remember, the selling agent for the builder works for the builder, has their best interests at heart, and will advocate for them. They will provide a wide range of information from building restrictions, easements, warranties, rebates and possible upgrades that this particular builder offers, but you will likely miss out on bottom line savings that a buyer’s agent like we can promote for you.

The purchase of your new home is much more complicated than just signing the paperwork. Did you know a new construction home typically does not come flaw free? This is a fact! Everyone seems surprised about the home inspection aspect of purchasing a new home, but new homes have flaws too. Some flaws show with age, but if something isn’t built right, the home inspector can help you find those defects and get them addressed prior to your move in. Granted, there is usually a warranty with some portions of the new home, but not everything is covered by a warranty. If you have the opportunity to inspect a new home as it is being built, you can get a better view of the quality of the workmanship. However, if your only chance is after the home has been built, you should still (and you should always) have a home inspected. A home warranty will also be discussed that can help provide additional protection for you and your interests.

Let’s talk money. Did you know that you could save a great deal by hiring a real estate agent to help? REALTORS®, have the knowledge and know how to negotiate the sales price of the home. In many cases, it can be quite significant depending on the price point you are looking at. Market conditions play a major role as well. Say, for instance, the builder wants to close out a particular neighborhood, but still has inventory available. This is the prime time to buy. The builder’s holding costs are increasing and he wants to get the home off of his books. In addition to the new home purchase price, a real estate professional may be able to negotiate additional upgrades to the deal. Again, the REALTOR® has the know how to do so.

One of the many objections I hear is, “why hire a REALTOR® when we can do the deal ourselves. Isn’t the REALTOR®’s best interest to have a higher price so they will receive a higher commission?” I cannot attest to other REALTORS® opinions on this matter, but for us as a buyer’s agent, no matter if it’s new construction or resale, we are looking to get the best deal for our client, not ourselves. In essence, we are looking for a life-long client, not a one-time commission. We know statistically that buyers live in a home for roughly seven years. Therefore, in seven years, we want them to come back to us for the sale of their home, and their new home purchase because they know we have their best interests at heart.

Selecting the right large production builder can be a daunting task, just as with a custom homebuilder. Once we find out what area you are looking in, we can then discuss which large production builders build in that area or how you may benefit from a custom builder.

If you are interested in looking at a new home build in the West Houston area (Katy, Cinco Ranch, Richmond, Rosenberg, Fulshear, or Sugar Land), please give Jonathan McNabb a call at 713.730.5050 or send him an email to mcnabb@jonathanmcnabbrealtor.com.

We have excellent connections in the new homebuilder’s communities and will be happy to help you to reap as many benefits as possible for the purchase of your new home.

To view some of the new homes available in our area, please visit here or here.