All Listing Agents Are NOT Created Equal

When interviewing a listing agent like myself, you need to keep in mind that no two real estate agents are the same. You could interview two real estate agents from the same office, and hear two very different presentations. This is not necessarily because their individual style is different, but rather how they may go about finding you a buyer.

As some of you may know, is our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Some real estate agents believe that posting your home on HAR is enough. In today’s hot seller’s market, sometimes it appears this is true. However, can you imagine how many offers you could receive if your real estate agent aggressively pursued the listing of your home? Can you imagine sitting down with your real estate agent and reviewing multiple offers? This is my goal for every one of my listings! Receiving multiple offers is an optimum way for you to get top dollar for your home.

So how do you secure multiple offers?

From my direction, preparedness, contacts, and knowledge are key. Please know that I would like to visit with you on two separate occasions prior to the listing of your property. During the first visit, I would like the opportunity to speak with you in an effort to get to know you, your goals, and to get a personalized preview of your home. Spending some time walking around your home with you and gathering information about it will drastically improve my ability to mark it to the right buyers. I will then take this information, look at relevant properties, and within a few days at most, come back to you for a marketing consultation in correlation to what I have found. After my presentation, we will discuss my professional fee and marketing strategy.

Marketing is key. The right marketing gets the right buyers to see your home and envision themselves and their family living there. Say, for instance, you have a four or five car garage that any car lover would dream to have. Obviously you are a lover of cars! Don’t you think there are others out there who also love cars as much (or maybe even more 😉 ) than you? So why not market to them? Why not get in-touch with a few high-end dealerships and let their sales people know what your home has to offer? Remember, they are in sales too, and will jump at the opportunity to let their high-end clientele know that “they” have found this great deal for them. It makes them look good and resourceful, when in reality, it was excellent marketing by your real estate professional. You want the right eyes viewing your home. As my client, the more views of your home, the greater the reward potential for you. The right eyes, the better the offer because they “have” to have that dream garage to store their babies.

Another example of marketing to the right set of eyes would be to someone interested in a niche market. Let’s say your home backs up to one of the golf courses here in West Houston. If you are a golfer, you know that there are tons of public and private courses in this area. Why do you think there are so many? You might correctly deduce that there are a great many avid golfers out here. Being a golfer myself who plays for fun and to relax, I would love to live on a course. Playing is very fulfilling to me, and I’m sure many others would agree. So why not market your home to the golfing community? Employees of the golf clubs are a great source for marketing your home. They come in contact with your ideal buyer each and every day! They too will be happy to pass along what “they” found because it makes them look good, resourceful, and knowledgeable about the area. This is just one example of many regarding the possibilities of a favorable outcome when your agent is willing to foster these types of alliances and shows exceptional marketing strategies by your real estate professional.

One of my recent clients in Katy had a huge success story that she has given me permission to share. I listed her home and scheduled a two-hour open house using heavy marketing. Over 60 people came through the open house in that two-hour timeframe. My client ended up with over 10 offers to review from competitive buyers. Remember, marketing is key.

Communication. If communication is a concern, I can assure you that with my services, communication will always be a high priority. Your calls and emails will be returned promptly, I will make multiple contacts with you weekly, and your concerns will be addressed immediately and to your satisfaction. I strive to treat you the same way that I would want to be treated should the situation be reversed.

I look forward to selling your home.

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